"Fun for a Purpose"

Shamrock Dash

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About Us

The Grand Order of Royal Leprechauns


Our organization consists of an amazing group of volunteers and folks from all walks of life and multiple areas of the country that care deeply about our community. 

Our History


For several years Steve Brown, owner of the Tractor Bar in Mt. Nebo, had been talking about his plan to host a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade on the road right in front of the bar. In 2006, he, with a little help from his staff and a few friends, announced there would be a Parade on Friday evening March 17, 2006.    The first year of the parade was a success so he decided to do it again. He thought this might an opportunity to raise a little money to help out the community someway.   To date, over $480K has been returned to the community in the form of scholarships and grants to various organizations and schools.

Our Motto


"Fun for a Purpose"

 Our organization is steeped in a tradition of frolic, merriment, community spirit, but most of all generosity. Though we gather for our amusement, it is a greater purpose we serve, that of raising money for those community organizations worthy of our support.   

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